MAritime REgions cooperation for the MEDiterranean





The content of the project drew on proposals made by the member regions of the Intermediterranean Commission in 2007.


The new Common Fisheries Policy guidelines, as defined in the Community action plan for the conservation and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources in the Mediterranean and implemented through the European Fisheries Fund (EFF), constitute an innovative approach in several areas. The aim is therefore to exploit the results of pilot schemes, particularly regarding the management of coastal resources, port installations, the diversification of activities and efforts to save energy, which will be locally supported by the EFF, in one of the regions, among the other Mediterranean regions.

In this context, there are plans to organise: 

- some exchanges on regional experiences of implementing fisheries management plans, as provided for by Regulation No. 1967/2006;

- pilot projects on efforts to save energy;

- developing consultation and exchanges concerning the implementation of Axis 4 of the EFF for the sustainable development of fishing areas, particularly concerning Pesca tourism and Itti-tourism (fishing tourism).